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KCRW and Rolling Stone focus on rising LGBT youth homelessness

KCRW's radio talk show, To The Point, recently featured a conversation about the epidemic of homelessness facing LGBT youth in the United States, despite apparent growing acceptance for LGBT people in general. The episode was based off an article in this month's issue of Rolling Stone Magazine on the same topic.

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FRC's newest star pushes same old animus

Travis Weber is a name that has been popping up more and more at the Family Research Council's propaganda mill. FRC apparently thinks he's the guy who's going to help the anti-LGBT right score points in their push to pass license-to-discriminate bills all across this nation.

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TJ Montoya talks Christianity, the bible, and being gay.

TJ Montoya, an 18 year-old senior at Seattle University, has created a 10-minute long video that takes on his identity as a gay Christian and goes directly into the bible, clearing up misconceptions about what the bible has to say about LGBT people.

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