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Family with two moms denied family membership to Florida Museum

A family headed by two moms in Florida was denied a family membership to a museum in Florida because they were deemed to not be a family.

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Organization to address employment and career advancement for transgender people

The Association of Transgender Professionals (ATP), an organizaiton serving people with non-conforming gender expressions and identities who seek to advance their professional careers, has been endorsed by a national advisory board of voluntary leaders and allies, and will officially launch this week.

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Young LGBT voices: what does pride mean to you? - Chelsea Shamy

Chelsea says Pride isn't just a month to her, it's a state of mind, living every day out with integrity and honesty so she can make a difference for others.

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Leslea Newman on the path both she and her mother took to understanding

GLAAD friend and author Lesléa Newman has written a blog post for Huffington Post about her coming out process and her mother's journey to, not just accepting, but embracing the gay community.

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How gay married couples get shortchanged

More than 1,000 federal rights and securities are denied to couples in same-sex marriages not legally recognized by Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, says Vickie Henry, senior staff attorney at Boston-based Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, or GLAD.
June 10, 2013


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