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FRC Attacks Conan on Marriage

In an email to members last night, the Family Research Council attacked Conan O'Brien for planning to officiate a wedding for a same-sex couple on his late night comedy show.

Right Wing Watch
November 3, 2011

Gaga & Mom Launch Anti-Bullying Foundation

Said Gaga of the Born This Way Foundation: "Together we hope to establish a standard of bravery and kindness, as well as a community worldwide that protects and nurtures others in the face of bullying and abandonment."

November 2, 2011

Blizzard President Apologizes Following Convention Incident

Many LGBT gamers felt suddenly unwelcome following the screening of an expletive and anti-gay slur filled video at the closing show of the annual BlizzCon convention last weekend. Following a week of fan and user outcry, the company's own president has stepped up to take responsibility and offer an apology.



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