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Tracey Gold, More Stars Slam Kirk Cameron for Anti-Gay Remarks

Several celebrities, including Tracey Gold, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Roseanne Barr, this week criticized actor Kirk Cameron for anti-gay comments he made during an interview with Piers Morgan. Cameron’s comments angered many Hollywood stars, including his Growing Pains costar Tracey Gold, 42. “I am a strong supporter of the LGBT community and I believe in equal rights for all,” the actress tweeted Sunday.
March 6, 2012

George Clooney, Brad Pitt to Star in Proposition 8 Play

George Clooney is about to lend his talents to a hot topic in equal rights history -- the overturn of Proposition 8 -- and right behind him is Brad Pitt! Set to star together on March 3rd's production of "Milk" screenwriter Dustin Lance Black's play, "8," the real-life BFFs will join a star-studded cast including Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Glee's Jane Lynch in depicting the legal process behind the overturn of Prop 8.
Us Weekly
March 3, 2012
March 1, 2012

LGBT Religion News Summary for March 1, 2012

Faith leaders from Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish faith traditions weigh in on LGBT equality in Minnesota, where an amendment banning marriage equality has been proposed. Members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) showed their support for LGBT equality in an overwhelming vote to oppose the amendment.
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Archie Comics Responds To American Family Association

"We stand by Life with Archie #16. As I’ve said before, Riverdale is a safe, welcoming place that does not judge anyone. It’s an idealized version of America that will hopefully become reality someday. We’re sorry the American Family Association/One Million Moms feels so negatively about our product, but they have every right to their opinion, just like we have the right to stand by ours. Kevin Keller will forever be a part of Riverdale, and he will live a happy, long life free of prejudice, hate and narrow-minded people." - Jon Goldwater, CEO of Archie Comics.
Joe. My. God.
February 29, 2012


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