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Will the Gay Comedians Please Stand Up?

During his act, comedian James Adomian sometimes breaks from his deep voice while delivering his jokes. Slipping into an effeminate affectation, he shouts, “Where’s my gays at?!” Coming from Adomian, whose fratboy appearance complements his aggressive brand of comedy—it includes political impressions ranging from George W. Bush to Jesse “The Body” Ventura—the transition is off-putting. That is, until he reveals he’s gay. “I fuck men,” he says later in the act, “and sometimes they fuck me.”
April 12, 2012

MTV Star Paul Iacono Comes Out

Musto: As I mentioned here yesterday, Paul Iacono is the 23-year-old actor from MTV's The Hard Times of RJ Berger. He's also in some short plays, a new MTV show--and he's a gay role model! Here's our interview from earlier today in which Paul came out:
La Daily Musto (Village Voice)
April 11, 2012


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