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June 1, 2012

Original Green Lantern Confirmed as DC Comics' New Gay Superhero

After weeks of speculation, DC Comics confirmed today that the iconic superhero they would reveal as gay is none other than the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, who will be seen kissing his boyfriend in next week’s issue of Earth 2. What’s more, Earth 2 writer James Robinson told the Advocate that the book will feature a diverse cast that includes at least one more gay character to be revealed down the road.

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WATCH: Adam Lambert's 'Never Close Our Eyes' Video

Adam Lambert has released the video for "Never Close Our Eyes," the latest single from his historic number 1 album Trespassing. Lambert recently described up his intention with the video, saying, "What I was trying to say with this, no matter what comes your way, if you make a decision to just look at things a different way, and just flip your perception a little bit, maybe it's not so bad. Maybe it does get better if you want it to."
May 29, 2012


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