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The Small Picture: Happy Customers

Camp Lightbulb is a summer camp for LGBT youth which launched for one week in the summer of 2012 and reopens this summer for 4 weeks in Provincetown, MA.

LGBT youth have higher rates of being bullied, suicide and depression and coming out can be a lonely, isolating experience. Camp Lightbulb creates a fun-filled, supportive environment focusing on art, wellbeing, the outdoors and time-honored summer camp fun in the welcoming environment and gorgeous natural surroundings of Provincetown.

New York Times
April 5, 2013

GLAAD to Media: Tell the Story of Anti-Transgender Violence Correctly

Two instances of anti-transgender murders occurred in Orlando, Florida and Baltimore, Maryland over the last 24 hours. Both were transgender women of color. And when the media doesn't tell their story correctly, it perpetuates misleading stereotypes about transgender people.


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