News that impacts the transgender community, from transphobic news coverage to positive and uplifting personal stories

Petition calls for ACC baseball tournament to be moved from North Carolina

North Carolina's HB-2 has been actively opposed by businesses, performers, advocates, and organizations because of its discriminatory nature.

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Movement to #standwithtarget grows amid company's gender-inclusive stance

Last week, Target pledged its support for customers to use the restroom and fitting room that corresponds with their gender identity.

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Interview: Abby Stein talks about being a transgender woman from a Hasidic Jewish community

Abby Stein was born and raised within a Chasidic family of rabbinic descent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, and recently came out as a woman of trans experience. Her goal now is to raise awareness to people going through a similar experience.

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PHOTOS: #MoralMonday joins forces with the #repealHB2 rally in North Carolina

Following today's earlier rally against discriminatory law HB 2, Reverend William Barber II and Moral Monday protesters held a second rally in North Carolina to speak out against HB 2.

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Rally to #RepealHB2 in Raleigh, North Carolina to be held on Monday

Join a day of action to #RepealHB2 in North Carolina on Monday

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PHOTOS: GLAAD at the North Carolina rally to #RepealHB2

GLAAD was on the ground with North Carolina's NAACP, Equality North Carolina and HRC for a rally protesting HB2 and calling for repeal

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South Carolina businesses speak out, as opponents try to secretly pass anti-LGBT bill

While LGBT opponents try to sneak anti-trans bill S1203 through the Senate General Subcommittee without a public vote, South Carolina businesses are standing up against LGBT discrimination

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Belinda Carlisle to MS Governor: nothing less Christian than new discriminatory law

In her letter, Belinda tells Gov. Bryant, "As the very proud mother of a gay child I can't imagine anything less Christian than using the law as a weapon against others," names LGBT Mississippians who are impacted by the law, and calls on the elected official to repeal HB 1523.

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