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Anti-LGBT commentators vs. responsibility: One case study on a larger problem

Tony Perkins is still hung up on a speech he got dis-invited from giving three years ago, and is still pretending to be the victim in the story.

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Marcel Neergaard, 11, talks about taking on state lawmaker, being bullied, and realizing he's gay

Marcel is 11 years old and gay. He’s also become something of a national celebrity for launching an online petition on left-leaning that garnered more than 55,000 signatures last week. It resulted in StudentsFirst, a national grassroots organization formed to boost education, rescinding an award it gave to state Rep. John Ragan, R-Oak Ridge, last year as “educational reformer of the year.”
Knox News
June 11, 2013

Gill Foundation Names Courtney Cuff as President and CEO

The Gill Foundation, one of the nation’s leading advocates of equal opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, announced today that Courtney Cuff has been named President and CEO of the foundation.

The Gill Foundation
June 10, 2013

Anti-Violence Project speaks out against anti-gay violence from the NYPD

GLAAD is working with the Anti-Violence Project to bring attention to anti-LGBT violence in New York City, including the most recent incident on June 3.

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Organization to address employment and career advancement for transgender people

The Association of Transgender Professionals (ATP), an organizaiton serving people with non-conforming gender expressions and identities who seek to advance their professional careers, has been endorsed by a national advisory board of voluntary leaders and allies, and will officially launch this week.

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Young LGBT voices: what does pride mean to you? - Chelsea Shamy

Chelsea says Pride isn't just a month to her, it's a state of mind, living every day out with integrity and honesty so she can make a difference for others.

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Leslea Newman on the path both she and her mother took to understanding

GLAAD friend and author Lesléa Newman has written a blog post for Huffington Post about her coming out process and her mother's journey to, not just accepting, but embracing the gay community.

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