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UK National Transgender Memorial Vandalized

Damn, why is it that some idiots take it upon themselves to destroy or vandalize the nice things? The trans community in Manchester, England and their allies are probably asking themselves that question right now.

August 14, 2013

Randy Thomasson's horrific anti-transgender CNN interview (and follow up) proves he is CAP-worthy

No one should be even mildly shocked to hear Randy Thomasson delberately misgendering a human being in an on-air debate. Thanks to CAP, no outlet has to be surprised the next time they book Thomasson or any number of voices

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Twitter slammed over '#Gays Must Die' hashtag

A French gay rights group announced on Monday it plans to file a law suit against Twitter on the grounds of violating hate speech laws, after the emergence of the hashtag “#Gays must die”, which topped the "trending topics" on the site over the weekend.

The Local
August 13, 2013


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