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Tonight's 'Glee' included a story on bathroom access for transgender students, learn how to Support All Students now [SPOILERS]

Tonight's episode of Glee on Fox included a storyline for transgender student Unique (Alex Newell) regarding access to restroom facilities at her public high school. All students deserve the same opportunities to be successful, and you can find resources and ways to help support trans youth now!
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Adoption advocate Bryant Huddleston speaks at Philander College

Bryant Huddleston was banned from speaking at a high school in Arkansas earlier this year for being gay and an LGBT advocate, but now is being heard at Philander Smith College.

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VIDEOS: The Revival movie featuring LGBT female artists of color is unlike anything you've seen before

Demonstrating the true abilities of grassroots storytelling, THE REVIVAL has exceeded their fundraising goal and will complete the so-far excellent film, Women and the Word: The Revival Movie.

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The people have spoken & they want a trans-inclusive Victoria's Secret

A petition has been circulating on asking Victoria’s Secret to bring on Carmen Carrera has the first trans Angel. So far, close to 40,000 people have signed.

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Recognizing LGBT families during National Adoption Month

Georgia newspaper the GA Voice highlighted LGBT parents and their adorable kids during National Adoption Month. Family Equality Council is also honoring the month with the Allies for Adoption campaign.

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California anti-trans coalition has no plan for transgender protection

Anti-transgender activists in California are not interested in "solutions" but only in denigration of transgender students.

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Teen girl defends gay people to major company, makes international headlines

Becca Gorman, a high school student in Massachusetts, is getting people around the world, including Tim Cook, to pay attention by letting Apple know that being gay isn’t “stupid.”

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