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27th Annual GLAAD Media Awards nominees lift up global voices

This year several GLAAD Media Awards nominees addressed efforts to bring equality to LGBT people in other parts of the world, including Sense8, Mala Mala, Essence Magazine and Newsweek.

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GLAAD launches interactive digital timeline for #GLAADAt30

GLAAD launched an interactive digital timeline to trace a great deal of GLAAD's history, from its founding in 1985 to today.

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Stories of people living with HIV among 27th Annual GLAAD Media Awards nominees

Among the nominees for the 27th annual GLAAD Media Awards, several included stories of LGBT people living with HIV, including The Prancing Elites Project, Looking, and How To Get Away With Murder.

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PHOTOS: GLAAD at the Chinese Rainbow Media Awards

On January 17, GLAAD was in Beijing, China to celebrate the Chinese Rainbow Media Awards. GLAAD's Director of Program, Global and US South, Ross Murray, brought greetings and offered support for recognizing media representations that accelerate acceptance for LGBT people in China.

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GLAAD launches #GLAADat30 to celebrate thirty years of progress

In celebration of the last 30 years of progress, the newly launched #GLAADat30 campaign will explore the history of GLAAD and its most significant accomplishments.
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Going global: 5 GLAAD Global Voices highlights from 2015

2015 saw the expansion of GLAAD's commitment to global LGBT acceptance grow. The initiative engaged in support of strong, organized, local LGBT organizations that have identified clear objectives and believe GLAAD can be helpful in achieving those objectives.

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