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Miley Cyrus and Ty Herndon speak out against LGBT discrimination bills in Tennessee

Tennessee's House of Representatives has passed a Counseling Discrimination bill, allowing counselors to refuse mental health services to LGBT clients based on the counselor's religious beliefs
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Eyes on Mississippi Governor: anti-LGBT HB 1523 passes legislature

Mississippi's House Bill 1523 has passed the Mississippi legislature and will be sent to Governor Phil Bryant

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Mississippi pastor speaks out, says #NOHB1523

The faith-filled and personal statement speaks to the experience of being an LGBT Christian woman in Mississippi and the harmful impact HB 1523 would have, not just on the community, but on the state as a whole.

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Grieving family seeks help after Chastity Matthews, 28 year-old bi advocate, passes away

Bi advocate Chastity Matthews passed away unexpectedly and now her chronically ill mother is seeking help. You can contribute to the cause at Stephanie Matthews's GoFundMe page.

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'License to discriminate' bill in GA to be vetoed

Nathan Deal, the governor of Georgia has said that he will veto Georgia’s HB757, which would have allowed any person or faith-based organization (including nonprofits, charities, schools, universities, and hospitals) to cite “religious beliefs” as justification to discriminate against others, including LGBT Georgians. House Bill 757 was quickly passed without warning on March 17.

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Organizations, businesses, advocates, and celebrities denounce North Carolina's anti-LGBT law

In the wake of North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signing House Bill 2 into law, organizations, advocates, businesses, schools, and celebrities have spoken out against this harmful legislation.
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Time Warner, Sony, Lionsgate, Fox, Weinstein joins chorus calling for veto of Georgia's 'license to discriminate' bill

Time Warner has become the latest media company to speak out against Georgia’s HB 757, urging Governor Nathan Deal to veto the bill.

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