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Mark Burnett gives 'Voice' to insidious anti-LGBT coalition

Why is one of the biggest TV producers in America, Mark Burnett, and his actress wife, Roma Downey, signing up to lead a new coalition right alongside four of the most extreme anti-LGBT activists?

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On night feedings, diaper changes, and vicious political attacks

Jeremy Hooper examines how having a child has dramatically changed his LGBT advocacy work. He's not just advocating for himself. He's advocating for her.

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Fox News psychiatrist Keith Ablow rants against California's law protecting trans students

In a recent article from Dr. Keith Ablow, the Fox News-affiliated psychiatrist takes on California's newly enacted non-discrimination law protecting transgender students, AB 1266.

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Brian Brown extends his anti-LGBT activism across the globe

New evidence suggests that Brian, losing so fully and clearly here at home, is planning to make an even bigger push onto the international stage.

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January 14, 2014

Young and Gay in Putin's Russia

The Young and Gay in Putin's Russia is a documentary exposing the effects that the Russian propaganda laws have on youth. Due to Russia passing the anti-gay law, homophobia is on the rise.
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