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Bi Writers Association

The Fourth Annual Bisexual Book Awards includes readings by finalist authors in contention for awards, a presentation of bisexual comic book art,...


In a joint effort, Freedom for All Americans, American Unity Fund, and Equality NC released a new ad that calls for the repeal of anti-LGBT North...

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After an improvement in our previous report, we found that racial diversity of LGBT characters drastically decreased and there remains a lack of...

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Grab the remote, set your DVR or queue up your streaming service of choice! GLAAD is bringing you the highlights in LGBT on TV this week.

North Carolina's HB-2 has been actively opposed by businesses, performers, advocates, and organizations because of its discriminatory nature.

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Every week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBT-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you...

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In celebration of International Family Equality Day, Press Play and join the largest global movie night to see GAYBY BABY.


It's believed Senator Bright missed the deadline as a strategy to avoid putting it to a vote in the Senate General Committee, where it was...