CineGLAAD at Sundance - Love Free or Die: Bishop Gene Robinson and the Evolving Church

In 2003, Gene Robinson became the first openly gay man to be elected to bishop in The Episcopal Church, resulting in both cheers of celebration from progressive Christians around the world and angry condemnation from the church’s more conservative sects, many of whom went so far as to secede from The Episcopal Church altogether. Bishop Robinson’s appointment touched off a movement that has changed the way the church relates to LGBT people, which has long been an emotionally-charged and complex relationship. The new documentary Love Free Or Die takes a closer look at this relationship through the eyes of the man whose appointment found him at the center of the storm. Join Bishop Gene Robinson, director Macky Alson, and others as they discuss making the documentary and what’s next in the often unpredictable saga of LGBT people and the church.

Panelists: Bishop Gene Robinson, Director Macky Alston, and Director Sandi Dubowski (Trembling Before G-d).

Moderator: Ross Murray (Religion Faith & Values Director, GLAAD)


The panel will be followed by a complimentary reception.