Within the progressive LGBTQ movement, many YOUTH OF COLOR feel inferior and disconnected. Marginalized from both mainstream society and their own communities, LGBTQ youth of color are many times the invisible children of the broader LGBTQ community. FACELESS AND UNHEARD, the chances of suicide related to mental health issues become a statistical reality. However, with the INCREASED MEDIA ATTENTION recently devoted to high-profile incidences of bullying, hazing, and suicides, the issue of LGBTQ equality has heightened the PUBLIC CONSCIOUSNESS and shifted public opinion on civil rights for the LGBTQ community. This town hall will serve as a safe space and a source of COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT designed to raise awareness and equip our LGBTQ youth of color with the necessary tools to OWN YOUR POWER!

Presented by the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC)

Sponsored by the National Education Association's Office of Minority Community Outreach

Moderated by 
LZ Granderson