For aspiring independent filmmakers, one of the most daunting parts of the process has always been raising the money needed to make a film. Particularly for films with LGBT content, there is often a dearth of investors willing to take a chance on new talent, but the advent of online social networking has opened up new fundraising strategies for film that are quickly becoming the norm. This panel will address the often difficult road that LGBT-inclusive and independent films have to travel both before and after getting made, and the best lessons and strategies for using the internet to engage both one’s personal network and a wider community willing to open their wallets to help see these unique stories told.


Panelists: Adam Chapnick (Chief of Distribution, IndieGoGo), Maria Lynn (President, Wolfe Video), Erin Greenwell (Writer/Director, My Best Day), Kirsten Schaffer (Executive Director, Outfest), and Rhys Ernst (Writer/Director, The Thing).

Moderated by Mark Friedlander (Director of New Media, Screen Actors Guild)


The panel will be followed by a complimentary reception.