Being Gay Is Not a Sin: A Conversation with Matthew Vines

Event Details

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Marble Collegiate Church
5th Avenue at 29th Street
New York , NY
United States

Join GLAAD, Believe Out Loud, and Marble Collegiate Church for a discussion on being LGBT and Christian with Matthew Vines. Vines, who attended a conservative Presbyterian Church in Kansas as a child, took time away from his coursework at Harvard University to study what the Bible says – or doesn’t say – about LGBT people. He created a YouTube video that went viral earlier this year, creating hope for LGBT people who do not want to leave their churches or Christian families behind. He makes a proactive case for biblical support for LGBT people. If you have people in your life who struggle with reconciling their Christian faith with support for LGBT people, you need to hear Matthew Vines. 

Watch Matthew's video:

Join the discussion and bring along your straight and LGBT friends who are conflicted about the place of LGBT people within Christianity. Join us on August 8 at Marble Collegiate Church.

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