Todd Starnes

-- Fox News Radio host and Fox News contributor

-- conservative columnist/commentator; regular guest on Family Research Council and American Family Association programs and speaking rosters



-- When Supreme Court overturned the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, responded: "Supreme Court overrules God"

-- Compared same-sex marriages to man-on-dog unions; then doubled down on the claim, asking: "You know it's interesting because the passage of the Bible that people -- that people talk about in regards to, you know, the act of homosexuality, it goes further to talk about that. That men should not lie with beasts. And the women should not do that either. All this kind of stuff. I think the point I was trying to make there is that once you decide, you know what, marriage is not just between a man and a woman anymore, well, why are -- you know, if you open it up, where do you draw the lines? Where do you draw the lines?"

-- Claimed that a same-sex wedding ceremony performed live on network TV was "sick," "bashing God," and  "cramming a social agenda down our throats"

-- Suggested condemnation of anti-LGBT rhetoric is a sign of the "end of days"

-- Agrees with talk show host who suggests man-on-dog marriage will follow from same-sex marriage. “When you redefine marriage, that means anything goes,” answers Starnes 

-- Mocked transgender/gender variant people by writing: "I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the pearly gates on rapture day when all these folks have to explain why they've got extra parts the original models didn't have."

-- Crudely condemned potential transgender beauty pageant contestants by writing, "in the future some of you will have little boy parts."

-- Pushes unsupported myth that churches are going to be forced to perform same-sex weddings; again here and here

-- Denigrates transgender woman as "burly man wearing a dress"

-- Refers to public schools as "indoctrination centers" for marriage equality

-- When Southern Baptists failed to require churches to boycott Boy Scouts over acceptance of gay scouts, asked: "Is my denomination going wobbly?

-- Claims President Obama is turning America into pre-Nazi Germany

-- When activists and journalists made note of a pastor's own anti-LGBT rhetoric, ultimately leading that pastor to drop out of a planned prayer at the presidential inauguration, Starnes accused his critics of being "anti-Christian Heterophobic bigots"

-- Suggests "traditional marriage" might soon become a "hate crime"

-- Claims Obama administration's support for marriage equality "diminish[es] traditional marriage"

-- Mocked a gay congressman by suggesting he wants to touch strangers (à la the TSA)

-- Took to Twitter one afternoon for the sole purpose of mocking attendees at a Gay Pride Parade; in separate instance, Starnes wrote: "It's Gay Pride Day in Brooklyn and our local children's park looks like the bar scene in Star Wars. And you won't believe what they're doing on the monkey bars"


*Special mention to Carlos Maza, who has done extensive coverage of Todd Starnes' anti-LGBT rhetoric.  More from Carlos here.


Commentator Accountability Project (CAP)

Candi Cushman

-- Focus on the Family's Education Analyst

-- Head of organization's “Day of Dialogue" and "True Tolerance" projects



Bryan Fischer

-- Former Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association (AFA), which the Southern Poverty Law Center listed as an anti-gay hate group  in 2010. Was fired from his position in January 2015 for his extreme statements. 



Maggie Gallagher

-- Founder and former president and board president of the National Organization for Marriage

-- President of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy

-- Currently affiliated with the American Principles Project



Peter LaBarbera

-- President of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), which the Southern Poverty Law Center named a Hate Group.

-- Longtime activist; at various points, has worked for Illinois Family Institute, Concerned Women for America, and Family Research Council



Scott Lively

-- Former state director for the California branch of American Family Association, which Southern Poverty Law Center named a Hate Group; formed anti-gay Watchmen on the Walls group based in Latvia.

-- Author of  The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, which purports that the "Nazi Party was entirely controlled by militaristic male homosexuals throughout its short history."



Keith Ablow

-- Psychiatrist and FOX News contributor

-- Resigned from the American Psychiatric Association because of LGBT support