Thomas Peters

-- Known as "The American Papist," Thomas blogs/advocates for

-- (Former) Communications Director for National Organization For Marriage



-- Calls marriage equality supporters "the forces of evil"

-- Demands that Jesus calls for gay people's "conversion"

-- Claims "the homosexual agenda cannot be reconciled to biblical Christianity, and the two movements cannot co-exist peacefully in society"

-- A supporter of so-called "ex-gay" therapy, Thomas has claimed "change happens" but the mainstream media just doesn't talk about it.  

-- Has compared being gay to alcoholism, backing a "12-step program for people with same-sex attraction"

-- Says the Catholic church cannot support pro-LGBT clubs because they "promote behaviors that hurt the human person like these clubs do"

-- When Google came out for marriage equality, wrote: "So much for not being evil"

-- On accepting faith people/groups: Says the Human Rights campaign is a "blatantly anti-Catholic homosexual-activist group."  Says the inclusive Catholics for Equality is a "fake Catholic group."  Signed on to a letter calling openly gay faith voice Harry Knox "hate-filled" and "a virulent anti-Catholic bigot"

-- Said a deceased Catholic man "lived a lifestyle deeply opposed to Christian morals" simply because he was gay

-- Claims: "The homosexual movement is not about equality, it is about reshaping the cultural landscape in a way that is totally at-odds with conventual morality and the truth claims of Christianity and traditional morality.

-- Bemoaned a Bishops' statement against marriage equality because "it doesn’t mention a single reason for the Church’s teaching that homosexual acts are wrong, that allowing homosexual partners to marry is imprudent, that homosexual persons are called to lives of chastity, etc."

-- One wrote a lengthy knock on lesbian Catholic Kate Childs Graham, using everything from rape to heroin addiction to make his points (and repeating his belief that gays need forgiveness/chastity): "She believes the Church (as it is) is wrong when it says that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. I don’t. Graham therefore attacks the saying “Love the sinner, hate the sin” because she doesn’t believe homosexual acts are sinful. In doing so, she misses the point that the saying has real value. But here’s why it does.  Let’s take for an example a male rapist. As a Christian, Graham should agree with me that we must love the man as a person (“Love the sinner”), but I’d be truly shocked to find out that Graham loves his sin of raping. I’d also be shocked if she says we should simply tolerate this man’s propensity to rape people. Therefore she does not “love” his sin. She, in fact, must hate it, because it is evil. Rape hurts the victim, and the rapist is also guilty of a grave sin. No one wins (even if the rapist thinks he loves raping). So the principle “love the sinner, hate the sin” is a sound one. If something is truly sinful, we should hate it, because it hurts the person we love. We should hate the heroin addict’s use of heroin, we should hate the murder’s act of murder, etc. And yet, for all these individuals, we should still love them. We should attempt to help the heroin addict overcome his addiction. We should remove the murderer from society where he may murder again (or be killed by someone avenging his victim’s death), and punish him in justice for his taking of another innocent human life, to allow him a chance for reparation and expiation. In other words, we should love the sinner, and hate the sin… Graham is correct that one cannot separate what people do from who they are, on one level. If I murder someone, that makes me a murderer. But my action to murder, we know as Christians, is not the last word in my life. There is forgiveness, even of murder, and certainly of homosexual acts. The tens of thousands of chaste people with homosexual inclinations is proof of this. We are all sinners who have sinned, but some of us have sought forgiveness. And those who have been forgiven of sins always realize that they have, in fact, sinned. Graham does not seek forgiveness for her sin, again, because she does not believe (or does not admit) it is sinful." 

-- Responded to calls for openly gay bishop Gene Robinson to resign: "Sanity prevails"

-- Promoted a post about a gay man who had supposedly been "healed of the disorder"; called it "excellent"

-- Pits gays against their country, saying we must choose between American flag and Pride flag

-- When radio host asks him to defend his views on parenting, he literally hangs up on the host


Commentator Accountability Project (CAP)

Jim Garlow

-- Senior Pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego, California

-- Major force behind Prop 8



-- Said that “Satan” is behind extending the freedom to marry to gay and lesbian couples: “So if I were Satan, if I were the Devil, I'd want to destroy the imagery of male and female coming together with light and joy, covenantal marriage on Earth.” (0:45-0:60)

Robert George

-- Well-connected scholar and professor with anti-gay ideology, co-founder of NOM, Professor at Princeton, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, and Senior Fellow at the Witherspoon Institute.



-- Decried the NY marriage vote by looking back to a time when being gay was “beneath the dignity of human beings as free and rational creatures.”

Franklin Graham

-- President and CEO, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association



Mary Anne Hackett

-- President, Catholic Citizens of Illinois

-- One of the leaders of the so-called Coalition to Protect Children & Marriage



-- Says homosexuality is "a lifestyle that is damaging to body and soul" (at 2:10)

Linda Harvey

-- Head of Mission: America, which lists homosexuality and witchcraft as two of its focal points

-- Regular WND (formerly WorldNetDaily) columnist

-- Has specific focus on public schools and young people in general.  Runs anti-LGBT propaganda site called "Truth at School" and spearheads annual walkout in protest of the pro-equality/anti-bullying Day Of Silence



Mike Heath

- Fifteen-year head of the Christian Civic League of Maine; resigned in 2009

- Current head of the No Special Rights PAC



John Helmberger

- Chief Executive Officer of Minnesota Family Council (MFC)

- Chairman of Minnesota For Marriage



- Claims "Redefinition of marriage obscures the picture of Christ and his Bride, robs God of glory due him, and undermines the witness of the Church."