-- Head of the Capitol Resource Institute

-- Co-chair of the coalition attempting to repeal a California law that protects transgender students



-- Led effort to keep schoolchildren home during the annual anti-bullying effort known as the Day of Silence, claiming: "Day of Silence equates being anti-harassment with being in favor of homosexual behavior. That is unfair to the millions of people who are respectful and friends with homosexuals, while maintaining traditional views of male and female sexuality"  

-- A vocal opponent of inclusive military service, claimed allowing gays to serve is merely "the social agenda of the Democrats": "This is a dangerous policy that puts our military at risk and we need to continue to keep our eye on the ball and fight this war on terror. And the last thing we should be doing is using our military as a social experiment, pushing the social agenda of the Democrats."

-- Promotes so-called "ex-gay" organizations

-- Claimed a law designed to promote LGBT-inclusive curriculum "seeks to indoctrinate innocent children caught in the tug-of-war between traditional families and the outrageous homosexual agenda”; Added: “The traditional family is under attack and this is a latest—and most outrageous—attempt to corrupt the minds of our children.”

-- Called LGBT-inclusive teaching an "outright attack on the religious and moral beliefs of California citizens" that "disregard(s) all notions of the traditional family unit"

-- A vocal supporter of discriminatory scouting, claims the Boy Scouts' decision to allow openly gay youth will mean "the fall of an iconic institution": "We have all been betrayed by the leadership of the BSA today. Young boys and families, fathers who have looked forward to raising their boys in the Scouts, have been betrayed by a leadership that is more concerned about losing funding than losing the boys it serves.  Historically, Americans knew this organization to build strong leaders, leaders that held true to their oaths, leaders that you were able to trust.  We are witnessing the fall of an iconic institution"

-- Suggested California parents should pull their kids from CA public schools, saying, "Yes, I would be very frightened if my kids were in public school in California after the passage of [an LGBT-inclusive curriculum law]." 

-- Falsely claimed LGBT activists don't care about other forms of bullying, reducing LGBT protections to "an agenda" and "buzzwords": "But they don’t care about the kind of bullying we experienced when we were in school because of our weight or our glasses or whatever. They only care about this agenda. Which is what's interesting because kids are bullied and it is sad and I think there does need to be discipline in the classroom but kids are bullied for a variety of reasons and discipline in the classroom is the answer. Not implementing a radical agenda that promotes multi sexual lifestyles on our kids and it sounds to me like just from these buzzwords that that seems to be the road your school seems to be heading down"

-- Flippantly dismissed the reality of gender identity and the need for protections, saying: “This word, gender identity or gender expression, it means expressing your gender whatever you feel that day,”...“If I feel like Christie Brinkley, the law is supposed to treat me like I’m Christie Brinkley even though I’m not. That’s what they are doing.” 

-- Has admitted: "I love to be an agitator"