-- National Organization For Marriage's Chairman



-- Refers to same-sex marriage as an "evil": "Evil will be with us always, and it requires constant vigilance to defeat. I look at it as a litigator and an educator. There will always be threats to institutions grounded in human nature by those who think human nature doesn’t define limits. We need to be involved in the immediate defense of threats against marriage, but also take a long-range view by educating the next generation about the importance of the issues we’re confronting."

-- Says LGBT-inclusive school curriculum teaches "untoward sexual conduct"

-- Wrote that homosexuality is a modern form of "barbarism." Added: "And homosexuality, like polygamy, has for centuries been thought to undermine the institution of marriage and the civil society that rests on it."

-- Suggested that families created through adoption are "second-best"

-- Endorsed a book called Making Gay Okay that criticizes basic approval of "homosexual behavior."  Eastman wrote that the book "explain[s] the full scope of the dangers inherent in the modern homosexual rights movement. The movement threatens our very understanding of human nature, and hence of the American political regime that derives its understanding of rights and legitimate government from that nature. This book is a stark warning that should be read by every lover of liberty, and a call to action for those who would preserve it."

-- When then-Senator Rick Santorum equated same-sex marriage with "man-on-dog," Eastman defended him by saying "the real 'crisis' is not with Santorum's comments, but with the inability of Republicans to provide a coherent defense."  To make his case, Eastman linked to a piece written by extremist Scott Lively, in which Lively wrote that society must "discourage the normalization of homosexuality."

-- Says same-sex marriage will have "catastrophic consequences for civil society"

-- Fought to repeal a California law that included the contributions of LGBT people in public school instruction, saying his was "an effort to restore some common sense to our schools"

-- Spoke out against gay-straight alliances in public schools, writing that "our public schools are not supposed to be forums for alternative lifestyles, nor incubators of moral relativism"

-- Says of marriage equality: "It’s hard to imagine a greater harm to society — or one of more lasting consequence."