--Head of the Illinois Family Institute



-- Freely admits his opposition to "immoral" gays: "We must not settle for any counterfeit that would legitimize immoral homosexual relationships, no matter what it is called."

-- Calls homosexuality "depraved" and "unnatural": "The reality is [pro-LGBT Christians] cannot tolerate the mere thought of any moral authority, let alone one that holds to a belief in sexual depravity. Their chants of 'homophobe,' 'bigot' and 'hate monger' are not just attempts to intimidate and silence opponents — which they are — but they are part of a larger effort to frame the debate to normalize homosexual behavior and establish it as a civil right in the minds of Americans. The media is a willing ally in assisting to propagate this message. Repeating these lies often enough has been successful in persuading people into believing that the so-called 'gay' community is being victimized, being denied civil rights and are in need of special legal protections. Too many faithful Catholics and Protestants have succumbed to this message and its political agenda. As a result, the homosexual lobby continues to boldly push for special laws and policies to compel the American public to accept unnatural sexual practices, regardless of their religious beliefs."

-- Says marriage equality is "blatantly blasphemous to nature"

-- Equates gay couples with pedophiliac and incestuous ones: "Polyamorous people cannot redefine marriage by eliminating the criterion of numbers of partners. Incestuous couples cannot redefine marriage by eliminating the criterion regarding blood kinship. And those who believe they are in love with minors cannot redefine marriage by eliminating the criterion of minimum age. However, homosexual activists persistently demand that marriage be redefined to suit their selfish desires."  Similarly, Smith asked if President Obama's support for same-sex marriage would evolve to support other forms of marriage: "I’d like to know if this 'evolution' will soon include the redefinition of marriage to include plural marriages, incestuous marriages, and adult-child marriages.  If Obama has flipped-flopped back and forth in his evolutionary thinking on this issue, it isn’t a stretch to believe that further redefinition of marriage is possible." 

-- Spouts "ex-gay" junk science: "Homosexuality is changeable, just like any other sinful behavior."

-- Has asked his Twitter folowers to "pray for young people confused by the prevalence of pro-homosexual messages in the media, in their schools, and among their peers."

-- Says gay-headed families are both innately dysfunctional and cruel: "It is a sad fact that in this fallen world children are sometimes raised by single parents or grandparents, but being raised in a climate of homosexuality by two men — or two lesbian women — subjects children to a cruel social experiment and denies the real need and benefit of having both a mother and a father. It wasn’t too long ago that this type of a household would have been considered the ultimate in dysfunction. Today, our radically liberal president embraces this dysfunction as just another form of 'family'." 

-- Instructs his supporters to "tell your lawmaker that Illinois’ government should not officially recognize immoral, unhealthy, and changeable homosexual behavior"

-- Says same-sex marriages are fake and will always be fake: "Of course, homosexual unions will never in reality constitute marriages, but like the proverbial emperor who had no clothes, when the government acts like they are marriages, society will play along with the foolish game of pretend."

-- Claimed that lifting Don't Ask Don't Tell wound endager straight soldiers: " To allow men who have sex with men to serve in the military will place our troops at risk through possible exposure to the HIV virus in a field hospital setting. Every effort should be taken to protect our troops and continuing the ban on homosexuals in the military will help achieve that goal."  Also referred to DADT repeal as "tragic": How exceedingly tragic it is that our nation’s uniformed fighting forces, long known for high moral standards and personal integrity, have been politically coerced to embrace and endorse an immoral, unhealthy, and perverse lifestyle. How disturbing it will be to watch our nation’s young enlisted men and women compelled to participate in “retraining” and indoctrination in the supposed virtues of homosexual affections.

-- Says that marriage equality advocacy is "ill-advised activism" that "continues to taint the God-ordained institution of natural marriage"; refers to it as a "push to normalize sexual anarchy"

-- Says gay pride parades constitute "the celebration of perverse sexual behavior and the blatant disregard for the laws"; publishes annual lists of local people and groups supportive of such events

-- In run-up to civil unions vote, instructed his supporters: "Please pray that these lawmakers would recognize how this will undermine the foundation of our Judeo-Christian culture and harden the hearts of people to the Gospel message through the promotion of sexual behavior and a humanistic ideology that the Bible clearly identifies as sin"; fearfully warns "that we can’t have both government protections for religious liberty and government protections for homosexual behavior, and, therefore, which will it be?"

-- When civil unions passed in his state, he wrote: “Today is not merely a sad day; it’s a tragic day for Illinois"

-- In post advocating for his friend Linda Jernigan (see her CAP profile here), Smith says gays do not need to be "slaves to the sin of sexual perversion"

-- Suggests gay parents would be better off being cast into the sea

-- Says gays can and should "change"; claims gays have "depressing lifestyle" (15:1017:10)