-- Focus on the Family's Education Analyst

-- Head of organization's “Day of Dialogue" and "True Tolerance" projects



-- Her Day of Dialogue and associated website is rife with so-called "ex-gay" materials, with "changing" gay people being the obvious goal. The site pushes one-sided dictums detailing God's supposed one and only design for sexuality, with being gay described as "broken."  The program instructs students to invite a speaker "who has experienced homosexuality and walked out of it to share their story," telling them that "Exodus International is a good resource for finding possible speakers in your area."  There's also an "Am I Gay?" section, with the long-winded answer to that question culminating in an emphatic and undeniable "no."  Gay students are placed under a "those who struggle" label. 

-- Regularly claims that “gay activists” are “infiltrating classrooms under the cover of ‘anti-bullying’ or ‘safe schools’ initiatives.” 

-- Says that calling households headed by gay couples ‘families’ tells people “That a family is nothing more than a group of individuals — no more unique than a herd of elephants in the jungle.” 

-- Has taken great personal strides to question scientific opinion on sexual orientation: "Actually, none of the professional medical or mental health associations have banned—or declared unethical—therapies aimed at helping clients who desire to change their sexual orientation.  But you’re probably referring to the fact that the American Psychiatric Association [APA] removed homosexuality from its list of disorders in 1973. Still, that’s a far cry from completely banning therapy from those who desire it. And it by no means represents the opinion of all the nation’s medical and counseling professionals."