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Youth to Azealia Banks: Anti-gay slurs are harmful

Students from the Hetrick-Martin Institute shared their thoughts on the use of anti-gay slurs with GLAAD, after bisexual rapper Azaelia Banks used the word fa**ot on Twitter, then defended her use of it by saying she meant 'someone who acts like a woman.'

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Illinois Methodist Bishop Speaks Out For Marriage Equality Bill

Illinois Bishop Sally Dyck spoke out today in support of marriage equality, just as her state is expected to address a bill on the issue.

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January 10, 2013

Out Singer-Songwriter Janis Ian Speaks About Grammy Nomination

Out singer-songwriter Janis Ian, having just been nominated for a Grammy for the spoken word version of her 2008 autobiography, 'Society’s Child,' took a moment to answer a few of GLAAD's questions about coming out, her career, and what she’s planning next.

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Ellen, Chris Colfer, 'The New Normal' and More Pick Up People's Choice Awards

The People’s Choice Awards, the first award show of the year, aired last night on CBS and several out stars and LGBT-inclusive series and films won their categories as voted by the fans.Read More

Who can pray for America? The Inauguration Benediction Question

The White House had invited Rev. Louie Giglio, an Evangelical pastor of the Passion City Church, in Atlanta, to lead the benediction at President Obama’s inauguration. However, once Rev. Louis Giglio’s past anti-gay sermon surfaced, the White House has decided that he is not the right person to be praying for a blessing on the people of the United States.

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