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WATCH: Quarterback Comes Out on USA's 'Necessary Roughness'

The Necessary Roughness two-episode storyline about a top NFL quarterback coming out concludes tonight in the season finale, airing at 10:00 p.m. on the USA Network. Read More

February 20, 2013

Religion News Summary: Ash Wednesday, Preachers' Kids, and LGBT Catholics

This week's religion news summary has a couple tear-jerking stories: a minister tells his gay son that he's thankful to be his father, and the Presbyterian church imposes ashes on the foreheads of people who feel unwelcome in the church.

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What to Watch Wednesday 2/20: Mitch and Cam Babysit Joe and Improvise a Photoshoot

Tonight catch all new episodes of Modern Family, Suburgatory, Chicago Fire and Southland!Read More

February 19, 2013

Massachusetts now protecting transgender students with non-discrimination laws

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in Massachusetts on February 15th passed along a directive to schools which onlines new policies protecting transgender students.

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Kye Allums Discusses his Personal History as a Transgender Athlete

Kye Allums, the first transgender athlete to play Division I basketball, interviews with GLAAD in celebration of Black History Month. Read More