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Today is the last day to make your voice heard to protect LGBTI detainees

February 26, 2013

The national center for transgender equality will be hand delivering a petition to capitol hill with hopes on bringing more attention to the mistreatment of ntersex, transgender, and non-gender conforming immigrant detainees.

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Transgender Community Targeted By Phoenix Nondiscrimination Opponents

The Phoenix City Council is considering changes to a local ordinance that would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Emerson College fraternity raises money for trans brother

The brothers of Emerson’s Alpha Chapter of Phi Alpha Tau are helping out one of their own in a big way: by raising money for his surgery.

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What Illinois lawmakers will (and won't) hear this afternoon

This afternoon at 4pm central time, when they gather to hear testimony on the marriage bill, would Illinois lawmakers be interested to learn what of the people testifying before them ACTUALLY thinks about gay people?

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Kenneth Faried highlights roadblock to LGBT inclusion in sports

Denver Nuggets star Kenneth Faried discusses the implications of an NBA player coming out as gay while simultaneously exposing the culture of locker room homophobia that still permeates most locker roomsRead More

February 26, 2013

Katie Couric Explores Stories of Trans Youth

This afternoon, Katie Couric will be devoting her entire hour to exploring the stories of transgender youth - in particular, the journeys they've been on with their families, and specific medical advances that are allowing some trans youth to transition more safely than ever beforeRead More