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GLAAD Partnering with GLSEN for National Day of Silence

This year, GLAAD is partnering with GLSEN in support of a National Day of Silence. Read More

April 12, 2013

Nova Scotia Transgender Teen Ignites Change In School Restroom Policy

After a transgender teenager was ordered to a suspension by her Nova Scotia high school for using the women's restroom, the school board has dropped the punishment and is changing its policy to meet the needs of all students.

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Mark Regnerus was coached to pretend his study wasn't biased

New evidence shows that Mark Regnerus was given media training that specifically outlined how he was to discuss his biased, Witherspoon Institute-funded study to distract from the obvious anti-LGBT bias.

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Artist Spotlight: Darren Ockert Goes Beyond the Music

2013 has been a busy year for out British-born, Miami-based dance pop artist Darren Ockert. Between launching an anti-bullying campaign and releasing a new single, Ockert is putting his talent to good use and is working hard to empower others to share their story and counteract prejudice.Read More

GLAAD Speaks Out About Civil Unions, DOMA, and the Missouri Couple Denied Hospital Visitation

Yesterday, the news broke that Roger Gorley was arrested while trying to remain at the bedside of his partner, Allen, in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Their story calls much-needed attention to the unequal treatment of gay and lesbian couples, even when they have put legal safeguards in place.

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April 12, 2013

UPDATE: Catholic Church Rejects Nicholas Coppola's Petition for Reinstatement

Nicholas Coppola, the gay Catholic man who was removed from his volunteer ministerial responsibilities at his Long Island parish after marrying his longtime partner, delivered a petition calling for his reinstatement to his bishop. In less than a week, the petition garnered over 18,000 signatures.

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