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What to Watch Monday 11/25: 'Generation Cryo' series premiere on MTV

Tonight catch the series premiere of Generation Cryo and an all new episode of Dancing with the Stars.Read More

VIDEO: Transgender advocates say NY health regulation is discriminatory

Al Jazeera released a video in which they speak with Tiq Milan and Reina Gossett about a number of issues that the transgender community faces, incl

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Commentary: Our Lives Are Valuable (via BET)

GLAAD's Tiq Milan tells BET why his life and other Black transgender people's lives are so important.

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Mom and son in Chile part of video with great message of family acceptance

In a new video from Chile, a young man named Nestor and his mom tell their story to urge viewers to respect diverse families. The video is part of an ad campaign launched by AccionGay, a Chilean activist organization.

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PHOTOS & VIDEO: Protesting the media's abusive campaign against a teenage trans girl

The Pacific Justice Institute has been making headlines recently with their ant-transgender campaign of deception, including fighting legal protections of children in California and even pushing one young trans girl in Colorado to the brink of suicide with PJI's slander. Now, TransAdvocate is saying, "enough is enough."

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November 22, 2013

Nike continues its leadership for marriage equality

Nike is fully committed and supportive of the initiative to create marriage equality so that all employees are treated with respect in their workplace and the community

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