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VIDEO: Three things Trump will mention when he speaks to the U.S. Congress

Tonight, President Donald Trump will address a Joint Session of Congress where he is expected to provide an update to the state of this country as well as share his so-called “vision” on what he feels should be the priorities for this

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GLAAD moves from Melbourne to Sydney, focused on the intersection of media and the LGBTIQ movement

GLAAD’s work with the Australian LGBTIQ community continues, as we wrap up our time in Melbourne and head to Sydney.

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Black History, Queer Future: University of Louisville students organize queer Hip Hop showcase

GLAAD Campus Ambassador, Aisha Bibbs, discusses the student-organized event, Unhinged: Black History, Queer Future; an event that highlighted the dynamic intersections of Hip Hop, People of Color identities, and queer identities.

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Check out a sneak peek of the final issue of 'Midnighter and Apollo'

Midnighter and Apollo #6 is on sale Wednesday, the entire miniseries will be out in one volume over the summer.

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'When We Rise' kicks off tonight, revisiting decades of LGBTQ history

ABC's event miniseries runs 9-11pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday with a special additional documentary Thursday.

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Stars stand with marginalized communities at the Oscars

If you tuned into the Academy Awards tonight, you saw celebrities like Sting, Jaden Piner and Colleen Atwood wearing an important symbol -- the ampersand. 

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