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Google Announces Health Benefits for US Transgender Employees

Google announced Friday that it will significantly increase health coverage for its U.S. transgender employees. The company, with its longstanding history of supporting equality, recognizes the need for broad-based coverage that includes all employees regardless of gender identity or expression.

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"Testimony": A Living Exhibition Featuring LGBT Youth

“Testimony” is a living art exhibition telling the stories of what it means to be young and lesbian, gay, bi or transgender. “Testimony” launched in October and continues to grow as a live exhibition online where you can view video, audio, portraiture, poetry, written reflections on youth, and youth speaking out about what it means to them to be LGBT and young.

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November 22, 2011

What to Watch: Tuesday, November 22

Tonight, catch the season finale of Dancing with the Stars, and all new episodes of Mad Fashion, and 90210.

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GLAAD Staff Attends Transgender Day of Remembrance Event

On Sunday, people around the world came together to commemorate the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Events to honor the day were held throughout the weekend, including an event at New York City's LGBT Community Center this past Friday, which was attended by GLAAD staff members.

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Jojo Simmons Sets Positive Example for Fans

After GLAAD reached out, Jojo Simmons, son of the legendary Rev. Run, removed the anti-transgender and anti-gay tweets from his timeline.Read More

Coming Soon: National GSA Day

Students have long been working to create Gay Straight Alliances and to make schools safer for all, including LGBT and allied students. This year it’s time to celebrate and honor those students with the first ever National GSA Day!

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