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Virginia School District to Ban 'Cross-dressing' in Anti-Bullying Policy

A school district in Suffolk, VA is considering a ban on 'cross-dressing' and claims that this policy change would protect students from harassment and bullying. This proposed policy is extremely problematic and amounts to nothing more than preemptive victim-blaming.

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Bi-National Gay Couple Fighting to Stay Together on Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day 2011, Anton Tanumihardja was en route to the airport to be deported to Indonesia when he received a last minute, temporary stay of deportation. Following a year filled with lots of ups and downs, Valentine's Day 2012 finds Anton waiting to learn the status of his "green card" application. In this blog post, we follow-up with Anton and his husband, Brian, one year after we first introduced you to the couple and their unimaginable, yet inspiring love story.

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February 14, 2012

Google Includes Same-Sex Couple in Valentine's Day Doodle

If you let this morning's Google Doodle play all the way through  - after the jumping rope part, which is adorable -  you will see several images of happy couples celebrating Valentine's Day.  O

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What to Watch: Tuesday, February 14

Rachel's dads finally make an appearance on tonight's Valentine's Day-themed Glee, Days of Our Lives finds Will unsure about what exactly the right thing is, John identifies with a suicidal teen on a new episode of Southland, and the princes try their hand at speed dating on Undercover Princes.Read More

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Se Convierte en Ley la Igualdad Matrimonial en el Estado de Washington

El día de hoy se firmó de aprobado una ley que traerá la igualdad matrimonial al estado de Washington. A partir del 7 de junio, cuando entrará en vigor la nueva ley, el estado se convertirá en el séptimo (y octava jurisdicción) en el país en permitir que contraigan matrimonio las parejas del mismo sexo.

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