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Dr. Earl C. Johnson Joins African-Americans Opposing Amendment One

May 4, 2012

North Carolinian Rev. Earl Johnson of Martin Street Baptist Church spent a portion of his sermon giving the facts of the proposed amendment and ten quick reasons to vote against the measure.

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GLAAD Working with Indiana Gay Teen Facing Expulsion for Protecting Himself

On Thursday we shared with you the story of Dynasty Young, the openly gay high-school student who's now facing expulsion after using an electrical self-protection device in response to severe bullying. In order for media coverage of this story to meet fair, accurate and inclusive journalistic standards, several important questions need to be raised.

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May 4, 2012

More Celebrities Speak Out Against Amendment One

Recently, multiple celebrities in the music and acting industry as well as the political sphere have spoken out against Amendment One - the proposed North Carolina constitutional amendment that bans marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples, and civil unions and domestic partnership benefits for all couplesRead More

May 4, 2012

Google Changes Doodle In Honor of Keith Haring's Birthday

In recognition of Keith Haring’s birthday, Google changed its homepage graphic to one made from the artist’s iconic figures.

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ABC News' Josh Elliott shares heartfelt story about gay dad

Good Morning America news anchor Josh Elliott shares a harrowing story about his gay dad in the May 14 issue of In Touch Weekly.Read More

What to Watch: This Weekend, May 4-6

This weekend catch the new documentary Legalize Gay; season finale of GCB; all new episodes of Game of Thrones, Nurse Jackie and Primetime: What Would You Do?; plus airings of Philadelphia, Under the Tuscan Sun and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.Read More