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PA Newspaper Changes Policy to Include Gay Couple's Engagement Announcement

Newspaper readers in Lancaster, PA were up in arms when Lancaster Newpapers Inc. refused to print a gay couple's engagement announcement. In response, the company changed its policy to become fully inclusive of same-sex relationship milestones. It is at least the second newspaper this week to do so.

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LGBT Youth Face Pervasive Discrimination, But Remain Hopeful

HRC released Growing Up LGBT in America yesterday, the first in a series of reports based on the largest known survey of LGBT youth to date. The report finds that LGBT youth experience more rejection and intolerance and less support in comparison to their non-LGBT peers.

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American Apparel features its first transgender model, GLAAD staff

Clothing giant American Apparel has teamed up with GLAAD on a new line of equality tees, just in time for LGBT Pride Month. And in a company first, AA is featuring an openly transgender model in its ad campaign!Read More

What to Watch: This Weekend, June 8-10

This weekend watch Say Yes to the Dress:Bridesmaids feature a same sex couple; a 20/20 special concert including Jessie J and Elton John; the True Blood season premiere; Neil Patrick Harris hosts the Tony Awards and more.

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June 7, 2012

Black and Latino Pride Celebrations Around the U.S.

This June, many cities around the United States will be hosting Black and Latino Gay Prides--and will continue to carry on the celebration of the LGBT movement throughout the year.

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GA Newspaper Changes Policy to Include Same-Sex Wedding Announcements

After refusing to publish a lesbian couple's wedding announcement, the Macon Telegraph has changed its policy on wedding announcements to become fully inclusive of same-sex couples.

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