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Read Ohio Boy Scout Mom Jennifer Tyrrell's Letter to Local Scout Council

October 11, 2012

Ohio River Valley Council
Boy Scouts of America
Attn: Paul Tucker, President
Dear Mr. Tucker:

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Nordstrom Comes Out in Support of Marriage Equality

The Nordstrom chain of clothing stores has come out in support of Referendum 74 in Washington, which will grant marriage equality to gay and lesbian couples in the state. They distributed their decision to in a company-wide memo.

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#SpiritDay: 19 Days of Action to stand up to bullying - Day 11. It's National Coming Out Day!

It's NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY! As our LGBT friends and loved ones take the bold step of coming out, it is important that they know that their allies everywhere, straight or not, have their backs. Read More

What to Watch Thursday 10/11: Project Runway Season Finale

Tonight catch part one of the two night Project Runway season finale.Read More

Faith Leaders Get into the Spirit for Spirit Day

As Spirit Day approaches, the number of faith leaders and organizations going purple is growing. Organizations are reaching out to their members to encourage them to wear purple. Religious leaders of all stripes are speaking out against bullying in the lead up to Spirit Day.Read More

Spirit Day Ambassador Katy Butler Calls on Presidential Candidates to "Go Purple" on Oct. 19

Spirit Day Ambassador Katy Butler calls on President Obama and former Governor Romney to wear purple on Spirit Day. Read More