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Varias Celebridades Latinas Se Unen al #SpiritDay

Para el Día del Espíritu de este año se contará con la participación de más celebridades latinas que en años anteriores, haciendo llegar a países fuera de Estados Unidos el mensaje de aceptación y respeto para jóvenes LGBT y en contra del acoso y hostigamiento.Read More

Latino Celebs Going Purple for #SpiritDay This Year

This year’s Spirit Day participants will include more Latino celebrities than in previous years, spreading the message of support for LGBT youth and against bullying is spreading beyond the U.S. borders.Read More

Watch: #SpiritDay Ambassador Brittany McMillan And Others Take Stand For LGBT Youth!

Watch #SpiritDay Ambassador Brittany McMillan and other advocates share the message of Spirit Day with new videos!Read More

United Church of Christ is the Largest Religious Group to Go Purple for Spirit Day

The United Church of Christ sent a message to encourage its congregations and members to go purple for Spirit Day. With just over one million members, that makes the UCC the largest religious group to go purple for Spirit Day.

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Seventeen Magazine Joins Spirit Day Ambassador Brittany McMillan To Go Purple For #SpiritDay!

Seventeen Magazine is joining Spirit Day Ambassador Brittany McMillan and going purple for #SpiritDay!

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