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United Church of Christ is the Largest Religious Group to Go Purple for Spirit Day

The United Church of Christ sent a message to encourage its congregations and members to go purple for Spirit Day. With just over one million members, that makes the UCC the largest religious group to go purple for Spirit Day.

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Seventeen Magazine Joins Spirit Day Ambassador Brittany McMillan To Go Purple For #SpiritDay!

Seventeen Magazine is joining Spirit Day Ambassador Brittany McMillan and going purple for #SpiritDay!

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CNN's Carol Costello challenges Bryan "the Nazis were gay" Fischer

Personally, I see a CNN anchor holding a noted voice of extremism accountable for just one of his many acts of verbal aggression plucked from one of his man years of targeted hostilty. Read More

October 16, 2012

Ann Coulter thinks family rejection of LGBT youth is a joke - Join #SpiritDay to speak out

Conservative political commentator Ann Coulter decided last night to make a joke about family rejection of LGBT youth. If you disagree with Coulter and want to stand with the millions who support and embrace LGBT young people then join us for Spirit Day on October 19 and go purple today on Facebook and Twitter.Read More

#SpiritDay: 19 Days of Action -- Day 16

Now that you've gone purple using GLAAD's #SpiritDay tool, tell your favorite celebrities to do the same! Read More