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El Rol Crucial de Latinos en Victorias por la Igualdad LGBT

GLAAD se une a millones en celebrar las victorias para la comunidad LGBT, incluidos los latinos LGBT, en esta elección. Fueron muchos los latinos LGBT y aliados que trabajaron duro para asegurar de que hubiera una victoria por la igualdad.

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Celebrating Latinos' Crucial Role in LGBT Victories

GLAAD joins millions in celebrating the gains made for LGBT Americans in this election, including LGBT Latinos. Many LGBT Latinos and allies worked hard to ensure victory for equality.

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San Francisco Public Healthcare Removes Exclusions To Transgender Care

San Francisco's health access program, Healthy SF, will remove exclusions that deny medically necessary transition-related care to transgender people.

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November 7, 2012

LGBT Candidates and Allies Win State and Local Elections

Much of the excitement from Tuesday’s election focused on the marriage questions in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington, as well as Tammy Baldwin’s victory in Wisconsin. But LGBT candidates also ran in several races that garnered less national attention. The election of so many out LGBT candidates gives a new level of visibility to LGBT people across the country.

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BREAKING: Washington Elects for Marriage Equality

With enough ballots counted to make it official, Washington State has become one of the first three states to approve marriage equality through a voter referendum.

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Mark Takano Makes History as First Openly Gay Asian American Elected to Congress

In a night of many historic firsts, California Democrat Mark Takano made history by becoming the first openly gay person of color to be elected to Congress. He is also the state’s first openly gay federal lawmaker, representing the state’s highly contested 41st District in Riverside County. Read More