YouTube is #ProudToLove

YouTube kicked off its first-ever LGBT Pride Month celebration today, building on parent company Google’s commitment to being an advocate for LGBT people. The #ProudToLove campaign will include a video celebrating the diversity of YouTube's LGBT creators and a showcase of some inspiring LGBT videos and playlists on the YouTube Spotlight Channel.  

Numerous LGBT organizations, individuals, and allies have used YouTube to advocate for LGBT equality. GLAAD's Coming Out for Equality video series launched on GLAAD's YouTube channel earlier this year and has been seen over 500,000 times. 

Check out the video, and watch out for a clip of Chaz Bono and Cher at the GLAAD Media Awards:


Also, check out YouTube's #ProudToLove playlists:

YouTube is urging creators to upload their own videos (and be sure to include #ProudToLove in the title!).

GLAAD staff participated in the #ProudToLove campaign with Google+. Check out our pictures!  

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