Young and Gay in Putin's Russia

Young and Gay in Putin's Russia is a documentary exposing the effects that the Russian propaganda laws have on youth. After Russia passed the "anti-propaganda" law, attacks against LGBT people are on the rise. The propaganda law prohibits anyone discussing LGBT issues with minors therefore young Russians who come out have no support. The criminal charges for adults cut off LGBT youth from any support system they might need. The main purpose of the law is to ban youth from getting the impression that being a member of the LGBT community is normal. You can watch the trailer at or below.

The documentary is divided into 5 episodes. In the first episode the filmmakers learn about the LGBT cabs in Russia as well as the LGBT self-defense classes to help individuals protect themselves from the hate-crimes. Although filming such a provocative documentary can certainly be penalized by the Russian police, exposing how LGBT people are treated in Russia is crucial.

You can take action and stand up for equality in Russia.


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