World Premiere of New Film 'Meth Head' Costarring GLAAD's Wilson Cruz at the DC Independent Film Festival on March 7

On Thursday, March 7, the DC Independent Film Festival will be screening the world premiere of Meth Head, written and directed by Jane Clark. The film delves into the life of Kyle Peoples, who becomes consumed by his addiction to crystal meth and eventually loses everything – his lover, his family, his job and his home.

Meth Head is also the feature directing debut of Clark, who previously produced and costarred in the lesbian film Elena Undone, as well as a number of TV appearances. She has also directed a number of award-winning shorts, including Host of Daffodils, The Touch, and Carrie's Choice.

The film stars Lukas Hass as Kyle, and costars GLAAD's own Wilson Cruz as Julian, the boyfriend Kyle gradually pushes away through his addiction. Cruz is particularly proud of the film for the light it shines on an issue needing more attention in the gay community.

"I'm so proud of being a part of Meth Head. The filmmakers pulled no punches and tackled a subject that must be brought out of the shadows. This film takes on meth addiction head on and sheds light on the fact that the meth epidemic in our country and in the LGBT community, especially, is destroying lives. I've seen the effects of the devastation on people very close to me and I hope that Meth Head can, at the very least, help spark a conversation. I'm proud that the film shows, through its powerful performances, not just the devastation to the person with the meth problem, but also how their addiction destroys the lives and dreams of everyone around them."

There will be a pre-screening reception at 7:30 p.m. followed by the world premiere of the film at 8:15 p.m.. Make sure to stick around for the post-screening Q&A with the director and cast. Get more information and buy tickets by clicking here.