This Wednesday: We're #Marching4Marriage #Equality

The National Organization For Marriage comes up will all kinds of ideas to make an impact on social media.  Typically, these efforts blow up in the discriminatory organization's face, and often hilariously so.

This Wednesday (March 26), we need your help making yet another #NOMFail happen.  Ya see, NOM is confident that it has enough anti-equality Twitter power to get the hashtag #Marching4Marriage trending on the social media network.  This being so, NOM is telling its supporters to go on Twitter and use the #Marching4Marriage hashtag in order to make statements about why marriage is supposedly best when it discriminates against loving same-sex couples and families.  This is NOM's call to action:

We have other plans.

We all know that the world is actually #Marching4Marriage #Equality.  Which is why on Wednesday, which just so happens to be the one year anniversary of the United States Supreme Court beginning its hearings on the historic DOMA and Ppop 8 cases that both went in the direction of greater LGBT equality, we are not going to let NOM get away with turning Twitter against the right side of history, truth, momentum, and love.  On this historic anniversary, we are going to beat NOM at its own ill-advised game.

Which is where you come in.  We want you to take to Twitter and use this same #Marching4Marriage hashtag (or perhaps the #Marching4Marriage #Equality combo) and make your own positive statements about why the march of history is really pointed toward equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.  Be funny.  Be poignant.  Even be a little snarky, if you feel so inclined.  Just get on Twitter and tell NOM that this trend, like all of the trend lines associated with this debate, is pointed firmly toward the freedom to marry and not the license to discriminate that they so fully favor.