WATCH: J-FLAG executive director headlines We Are Jamaicans video campaign

Dane Lewis, the head of J-FLAG, Jamaica’s foremost LGBT advocacy organization, is featured a new video aimed at raising awareness about LGBT issues among Jamaicans. 

The video is part of We Are Jamaicans,  a new campaign launched last week. The campaign features straight and LGBT Jamaicans, including prominent Jamaicans such as Susan and Alexis Goffe and Javed Jaghai. Lewis said the campaign “was developed following recommendations from consultations with LGBT persons, activists and allies to show the experiences of Jamaica’s LGBT community in a more diverse way.”

The Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) funds the campaign through its Global Fund Vulnerablised Project. We Are Jamaicans is expected to lead to greater understanding about Jamaica’s LGBT community.

You can watch Lewis’ video below: 



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