A warm welcome to Savannah, Jeremy Hooper's newborn daughter!

Looks like Jeremy Hooper, founder of the LGBT news and commentary blog Goodasyou.org, will be taking a few days off from calling shenanigans on discriminatory hate groups like Focus on the Family and Family Research Council.  Much to their chagrin, he'll be busy focusing on his family, particularly his newborn daughter Savannah Rose Hoooper-Shulman.

A big congratulations to Jeremy and his husband on their new addition to their family!  Savannah was born yesterday evening, and is, according to Hooper himself, "gorgeous and healthy."  While Hooper plans to resume calling out discrimination on Goodasyou.org soon, he and his husband are already proving them wrong just by example.

Also, big kudos to Hooper and hubby for sharing this news publicly!  Check out more eye-wateringly adorable photos of Savannah at Goodasyou.org.


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