Video: Reacting to the Anti-Transgender Backlash Agaist the White House Marriage Proposal

Last week, Scout popped the question to his girlfriend, Liz Margolies, during a White House reception in honor of LGBT Pride Month.

Scout is the director of the Network for LGBT Health Equity at The Fenway Institute, and a transgender man.  Margolies is the executive director of the National LGBT Cancer Network.

According to an interview he gave the Huffington Post, Scout was unsure how Margolies would respond given her qualms about the institution of marriage, but she said "yes" and the happy couple was showered with cheers and applause from the White House crowd.

After video of the proposal went viral, Scout and Margolies received congratulations from friends, family and others moved by the emotional moment.  However, right-wing activists also felt the need to comment.   American Family Association radio host and hate group leader Bryan Fischer, tweeted "Woman who thinks she's a man proposes to a woman who thinks she's a woman at a White House reception."

Fortunately, Scout and Margolies have a platform to respond to some of the hateful comments.  Today on The Huffington Post and, Scout has posted a video and started speaking out about the feedback they've received since their moment in the spotlight.

You can watch Scout's video here:  DFNRjq9JiQs

You can watch Liz's video here: HV_kQgsr8pc





"While every candidate running for President doesn't agree with us on issues of equality and acceptance for all LGBT people, certainly we can all agree that no kid deserves to be bullied or harassed simply for being who they are,"