VIDEO: "Love is Love: End Marriage Discrimination"

Love is Love,” a video recently uploaded to YouTube, aims to make gay couples more relatable by emphasizing love and similar life experiences shared by non-LGBT couples.

The video was inspired by “It’s time.”, a 2011 marriage equality video by a grassroots advocacy organization in Australia called Get Up!. Both videos are shot from a first-person camera view as they follow couples’ journeys. “Love is Love” and “It’s time.” do not reveal until the end that the featured couples are gay.

Each video shows their respective couples going through the types of things that many couples, LGBT or not, experience—from meeting, dating, fighting, making up, and hanging out with friends (It’s time.), to comforting each other, raising a child, watching their kid grow up, dancing together, and having to say goodbye when one of them passes away (Love is Love).

Watch and share the videos below to help Love is Love go viral!

"Love is Love":


"It's time.":



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