Video: CNBC's Joe Kernen to Cantor: Don't Oppose Gay Marriage

During an interview on CNBC's Squawk Box host Joe Kernen challenged GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on his opposition to marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples. Kernen pointed out the Republican Party's lack of alignment as an increasing number of conservative voters support equality for gay and lesbian people.

"I know a lot of gay people who would make great Republicans and it kills me that these free market guys […] vote the other way because of this. Do the Republicans, will they forever be behind the curve? Will history judge that they waited way too long to move with what looks like the general population on it?" Kernen asked House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

When answering, Cantor cited his personal convictions but did not mention the views of the American public. He called for tolerance of opponents' views, a statement co-host Rebecca Quick debunked by pointing out that his personal views interfere with equality for other people.

Cantor explained the results of the last election as a miscommunication with voters who did not understand the Republican Party's values. "The last election showed us, some of the things that we stand for somehow aren’t being received in the proper way and it's being portrayed as 'we don't care about people' and it couldn't be further from the truth," he said. Quick pointed out that marriage equality was not part of the Republican platform.

With this interview, CNBC showed leadership and took an important step in challenging opponents of marriage equality for loving and committed couples.  They are now on notice that they will have to answer for their outdated views. During media interviews, guests on CNBC are no longer safe on marriage equality questions and will have to explain themselves to an increasingly accepting viewership who wants to understand why policy makers do not put in place legislation that is in line with the majority of American voters.