Video Campaign Tells Moving Stories of LGBT Latinos

Last month we featured Cuéntame’s trailer for their new video campaign which focuses on LGBT youth. The videos are now available for viewing. “An Honest Conversation,” aims to start a provocative and honest dialogue by looking into the lives of Latinos in America. The three videos introduce us to: Bianca, a Salvadoran-American lesbian, her Chicana partner, Giselle, and Ronnie, a Mexican-American former Army serviceman.  The videos are powerful and deal with a range of issues such as discrimination, abuse, HIV, and coming out in religious households.

Here is the first video in the series featuring Bianca:4CpIPm6J9eUCuéntame is a non-profit digital media organization founded in 2009 that focuses on Latino arts, media and advocacy work. They work to amplify the voices of Latinos through short videos to create a powerful impact in their community.

Click here to watch the rest of the videos.

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