VIDEO: ACLU's "My Big Gay (il)legal wedding" with Tim Gunn, coming to a couple near you

The renowned American Civil Liberties Union introduced an initiative that advocates for marriage equality in a unique way that's already gaining national attention.

"My Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding" is a contest with an accompanying animated video (featuring Project Runway's Tim Gunn) and website,, celebrating the 16 states and Washington DC for making marriage legal for all loving couples and, more specifically, urging the remaining parts of the country to get on board.

For five couples in the states where marriage equality is still outlawed, the ACLU is holding a contest, in which the winners are awarded prizes (cash, a wedding planner, etc.) to help make their dream weddings a reality in states where it's legal. The newlyweds will then bring a "guest book" complete with signatures collected from the website to their respective governors' offices.

Contest winners will be determined online as voters pick the couple with the most creative wedding plans.

The ACLU in New York's Executive Director Anthony D. Romero said, "We want to push the envelope on marriage equality in a fun, creative way…and paint a human face on the absurdity" of designating equality by imaginary borders between states. "Absurdity," in this blogger's opinion, is perhaps the most accurate way to capture the idea that loving couple's marriage can virtually be erased during something as simple as a road trip.

Romero added, "The ACLU will not rest until all 50 states allow everyone to marry the person they love."

Behind the innovative campaign is the Purpose Foundation, a group that specializes in using technology to create social change. They are the very same group that worked with the United Nation's Free & Equal campaign to create "A History of LGBT Rights at the UN" for Human Rights Day, as well as All Out's video #LoveAlwaysWins to raise awareness about Russia's anti-gay laws. By collaborating with Purpose, the ACLU is hoping its message of equality will reach a new, younger audience than it ever has before.

Tim Gunn's narration and his animated character are quirky and charming, bringing a lighthearted twist to the cause while simultaneously conveying the importance of the issue at hand. Watch and share the video below to do as Tim says---"make it work!"

Don't forget to vote for your favorite big gay (il)legal wedding!